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Piano movers Dallas

piano_moversIf you have piano that needs moving in the great city Of Dallas Tx you should call Piano movers Dallas. They are a great moving service Dallas Tx. When Dallas moves they are the company to call to get the moving job done. They guarantee their work will be done flawlessly and on your schedule even with a limited budget.

I had a friend who was moving to the third floor of a nice apartment building in a ok area of Dallas Tx. He was worried about moving his piano because it was really old and look like it had already fallen out of a 2nd story window. The Piano was barely held together with duct tape and would crumble if the hired some of the Dallas Moving Companies. He did now know what to do so I recommended he called Piano Movers Dallas to see what they thought he should do with that old piece of junk. So he called and they came out and gave him a free quote for the work he had requested. The quote said they would move his piano to the third floor for not to much money. They also told him that they recommended he just give it to a homeless person for free if he could find someone to take it off his hands. Well he loved that old piano so he paid the money and they did move the piano. They did not put any additional scratches on the piano and even attempted to tune his piano for free once the work was done. We all laughed so hard at his efforts but the moral of the storey still is strong. Dallas movers could not handle the job, but Piano Movers Dallas did handle his Piano move and they did better than he expected and kept their spotless reputation in tact.

So the next time you have a tough job for a piano mover don’t hesitate to call the number one piano moving service Dallas Tx. They will get the work done and they won’t charge you to much money. you will be satisfied with the job or your money back.