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When it comes to Plumbers, and full remodels. . . October 29, 2014

You’ d be pretty surprised, I’d imagine, to find out that plumbers are awesome and that they are fully capable people of accomplishing greater feats than just the usual plumbing.. water pipelines, sewage, gas lines, what have you. It would seem that some plumbers can do it all like these guys down in San Diego.

They are plumbers, that is definitely a fact, however, it is a little known fact that they actually do complete bathroom remodels with some of the finest products available on the market. Yes, it is true, and it is beautiful. You can have your whole has washed down and remodeled but it means nothing if it wasn’t done by Plumbers of San Diego. Not child’s play, this is the real stuff for the big folk. When you need a plumber, definitely check these guys out.

Why? Because they are Swanstone geniuses. And they make lot’s of money, and do a darn good job doing it. We so their work firsthand for ourselves and man were we impressed. There’s no telling what you could do until you try these guys out. You at least have to check their work out because these plumbers are defining what it takes to be of plumbing expertise in San Diego and it will shock you. Don’t believe me? check their work out for yourself! It’s astonishing.

So next time your have your pipes checked out, your water lines pressured, or even changing out the garbage disposal. Just remember, these guys do an amazing job of creating quality work, in a decent amount of time and with little room to spare for error. We all love Southern California but sometimes it’s just not the same without a nice toilet bowl. Broken sink fixtures, old run down houses by the beach, I mean, come on. You can do better than that.

And that’s why we’re so impressed with these guys. We don’t want to infringe on their work so we dropped you guys their page so you can check out their work for yourself (stealing pictures is not cool) and we gotta say, these plumbers are absolutely freakin’ awesome! And they are killing it.

I mean, realistically, anyone can come and clean a drain, that’s not really the difficult part. But when you can do complete bathroom remodels and basically recreate an entire household, from the plumbing, to the finely decorated installation pieces, fixtures from sinks, to bath tubs, showers, and toilets – that’s what gives your bathroom real sex appeal.

“Don’t mind me honey, I’ll be hanging out in the bathroom. Heck, I might even get a TV installed in here!” That’s what you should want to say when you go to the new favorite room in the house. And yes, that should make you Lol! But that’s the fun of it.

So now you guys know, when you need an awesome job done on your plumbing for your home bathroom remodel installations and what not, this is the go to. See you guys and keep enjoying SmallTown.

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Small Towns My Ass, We Need Pistols October 28, 2014

Yeah, that’s right. The title about says it all. it’s ‘murica. We need pistols. That’s why we got ourselves the second amendment in the first place right?

That’s for darn sure right! We might seem like some small town pistol people. But that’s just the irony of it. We’re big time city people with guns. But we’re not out to harm anyone, it’s just our right. And we need some way to congregate. Some way to meet each other and know we’re out there so that when we grab our guns, we aren’t lost soldiers aimlessly riding cowboys off in the desert, no, we stay strong like an army! And together we stand and we rise and fall because this is America and we love our country!!

Small town big town, we’re all fans of pistols and hot rides. Let’s get together and shoot somethin’.


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