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Garage Door Pros – Riverside August 23, 2015

riverside-garage-door-service-repairI’ve come a long ways today to write to you about a little known service in Riverside that handles all garage door repairs and services: They are, Riverside Garage Doors Repair Pros and they do all the fancy stuff from fixin’ your garage door to tearing it off and replacing it completely. How’s that for your all in one, stop shop (yeah I butchered that pretty bad).

We call these guys up whenever one of our buds needs his garage door shot and replaced because man those things are important. Not only that, but these guys do the garage door remote controls, all that jazz.

So, Riverside Garage Door Pros are the only way to go out there in the old Inland Empire to get your garage door repair Riverside style. When you need a local garage door repair service in Riverside, CA; these are definitely the guys to go to.

Riverside Garage Door Pros also does repair work for dents, and broken panels so that you don’t always have to replace the entire door which makes them extremely cost effective, considering new garage doors can be extremely expensive.

Hands down, the best garage door service and repair shop in Riverside County. Inland Empire has a lot of garage doors and they all need a lot of help with their garage door repair.

Just remember to give them a call personally because they will actually send someone out to give you a free quote / estimate and make your life a hell of a lot easier. They are the professionals of Superior garage door repair Riverside CA has available (as a service to the public). This is definitely a good thing because you don’t just want anyone working on your garage door repairs. Check their reviews on that Yelp thing, or any other review platform (I’m not entirely familiar with many of those review platforms just so you guys know).

Really hope this article will help out all you Inland Empire folks. I know how tough the struggle is, girls are a pain in the ass as much as my damn garage door and getting that thing fixed in an emergency situation (like needing to leave for work at 6 am and the damn thing is stuck) really can be a pain in the you know what. So call up Riverside Garage Door Pros for yourself and talk to one of them professional folk to get the details.




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Piano Movers in San Diego February 15, 2015

baby_grand_piano_move_san_diegoMan, do I have another funny story for you guys.  Have you ever had a large piano you didn’t know what the hell to do with?  We did, and they are so heavy that it doesn’t really make sense to move them even if you have your macho friends over, or you think you know what you’re doing, moving a piano is not only difficult, but it can be extremely dangerous  as we found out for ourselves!

We have a baby grand piano which isn’t the biggest one, but still weighs probably 500 pounds at the least.. As you can tell this thing is just massive.  So we were stumped for a while but we called upon United piano movers San Diego to come help us out with this monstrosity.  This was our saving grace because we had to move this huge piano that we had no idea what to do with. I don’t even trust any regular movers to be able to do this squat because the piano is to nice to get all scuffed up and then it would just be a nightmare to look at.  And we tried taking the legs off our-self so we could potentially move it but that’s where the “fun” ended.  We didn’t even know how to do that!  When we finally DID call United Piano Movers San Diego, they let us know they could take care of it all for a decent price.  So they brought over this huge truck and got to work like it was a piece of cake.  Pretty incredible to watch 3 guys take apart a piano so quickly and get her loaded up on this special dolly and out the door she went.

It was kind of like watching the old movie Robo-Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger where he was lifting cars and throwing them like they were made out of tin foil? Yeah, that.  Because these guys hauled the piano up onto a platform and put her in the truck and down the door went – poof. Done.  At least for this location.

When we finally all got over to the new place, the piano then had to be taken out of the truck and hauled into the house basically just the same as the first time but in reverse.  So these San Diego Piano Movers picked it up and carried it over 6 steps we had.  That was freaking crazy.  I thought they were going to drop it and I’m shocked they got it up there in one piece (minus the legs!).

We told them where we wanted it and they wrapped it up quick and were in and out within an hour from start to finish.  Really surprisingly,  no one was injured and now our piano has been set up and the shop is open meaning we can play that beast on perfect key.  We had the piano tuned and as you can imagine a large baby grand piano like this plays extremely well.  Nice full sound reverberation in the new house.

So that’s the story of how we had our piano moved and luckily got it all together in one piece without killing anyone.  Time to go play with some shot guns boys.

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Roofing Services in El Cajon January 8, 2015

el_cajon_roofing_service_roof_repairAlright my small town fans of pistols what is up! I hope you’ve all been kickin’ some ass lately and firing off some large caliber American Freedom. Why? Because this is America, common! Get with it, you should know this by now. Okay though, on a serious note, our roofing infrastructure accidentally got hit by a stray 50 caliber desert eagle round… that was humiliating. It was pretty unpleasant to have to deal with that. We need a full and total roof repair but hell, the roof was old anyways. So we did a full on roof replacement because we love America and our house and we needed a new roof.

So luckily enough we called up these El Cajon Roofing guys and got a roof contractor sent out to our location pretty much immediately. His eyes just about bulged out of his head when he saw what the 50 cal did to the corner side panel of our roof. Then he laughed and asked “is that a bullet hole” we looked at each other and I said raccoon’s. See, you’re not supposed to be firing any firearms within the city limits but man it was the 4th of July and we couldn’t have fireworks either. And that’s why I like this site, I can come here and spill my guts to other Small Town Pistol fans who love America and kicking ass like me.

Alright where was I, okay, so! We had El Cajon Roofing come out and do a full on roof replacement of our old roof and would you look at that beauty in the picture? It’s coming out darn good now isn’t it? Well it looks even better now that it’s finished. The roofing contractor out here in East County gave me his business card and said “if those, raccoon’s come back…just give me a call.” to which i nodded and laughed politely saying “sure thing”.

So I guess these guys are capable of handling bullet wholes through roofing infrastructure, roof repairing maintenance for tiles, and what not, and full roof replacement and  roof installations. I talked to Jim while he was working on my roof and he says their company even does new roof installations on the newer housing tracks. So they pretty much do it all, these El Cajon Roofing guys. I realized something just now, hey, they do it all, their Americans too, they’re bad ass like me! Hell yeah, we should get them on here.

Now that our roof is fixed we won’t be playing with any guns in the backyard anymore.. especially not the 50 cal that thing is going back in the safe until we head back out to Joshua Tree where it’s safe. Me and my wife are very happy with our new roof as you can see it came together very nicely and should last a long time. Especially now that those darn raccoon’s are off our property.

Those little suckers.

If you’re not a sissy, hang around with us and have some fun shootin’ off some guns only here at Small town Pistol baby.

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San Diego Limo and Party Bus December 13, 2014

We were down in Pacific Beach the other day, over there in Southern California and man was it a great time. Did you know that their are party buses everywhere that you can hop on for free and go downtown and even get free admittance to  one of those awesome night clubs down town?? We went to BASSment which is usually 40 dollar admission but San Diego Limousine has an awesome deal with them so they hook up their promoters making the party bus free for everyone.

We thought that was extremely cool. Then we come to find out, this guy has a whole limo San Diego adventure too in line with his party bus San Diego

We may have dropped some monster cash on drinks at the nightclub, but take the free ride, free admittance and no need for gas or a taxi, we saved at least 100 bucks each that we all used to spend on drinks! Great change of events ha.

Yeah, so we got to meeting people and we though how cool would it be if we took his San Diego limo service to the Valley View Casino Center? So that’s exactly what we did. We jumped onto the 8 freeway and rolled right passed the Charger’s Qualcomm Stadium in our San Diego limo.

Little did we know there were more tricks up his sleeve because we had a couple bottle of champagne waiting for us in the bar on the way in the limo. Oh man, talk about a fun time.

I highly recommend this limo service, the owner,, Jacob, he made it such a great experience. He’s also a very real down to Earth person who is very easy to talk to and just a super all around great person. His company is the San Diego Limo and Party Bus. And boy let me tell you, this limo service in San Diego is really something.

Just thought we’d give a shout out to what we were up to the past week just before Christmas. Now it’s time to save money and get loads of presents. (I wish we could spend it instead on one more limo rental out in PB).

Oh well! Dreamers can dream. Check out this Limo San Diego adventure for sure. The different packages make it a once in a limo-service-in-san-diegolifetime experience. You know when you find something and it just screams to you? That’s what this experience did for us. It was a calling to fun. And because he put up such a great time for us the least I could do is tell y’all about his super awesome San Diego limo services available. If you’re ever thinking about getting a San Diego limo, these guys are the one.

Happy holidays to you guys and everyone have a great Christmas! We look forward to moving into 2015 with louder voices, bigger guns, and enough technology to shake the universe! Woo, it’s gonna be a good one too, are you guys excited yet? Because I am!

-Life just keeps getting better. Until next time!

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When it comes to Plumbers, and full remodels. . . October 29, 2014

You’ d be pretty surprised, I’d imagine, to find out that plumbers are awesome and that they are fully capable people of accomplishing greater feats than just the usual plumbing.. water pipelines, sewage, gas lines, what have you. It would seem that some plumbers can do it all like these guys down in La Mesa.

They are plumbers in La Mesa, that is definitely a fact, however, it is a little known fact that they actually do complete bathroom remodels with some of the finest products available on the market. Yes, it is true, and it is beautiful. You can have your whole has washed down and remodeled but it means nothing if it wasn’t done by Plumbers of San Diego. Not child’s play, this is the real stuff for the big folk. When you need a La Mesa Plumber, definitely check these guys out.

Why? Because they are Swanstone geniuses. And they make lot’s of money, and do a darn good job doing it. We so their work firsthand for ourselves and man were we impressed. There’s no telling what you could do until you try these guys out. You at least have to check their work out because these plumbers are defining what it takes to be of plumbing expertise in San Diego and it will shock you. Don’t believe me? check their work out for yourself! It’s astonishing. Their full bathroom remodels in La Mesa include completely restoring bathroom fixtures with Swanstone products and they look phenomenal.

So next time your have your pipes checked out, your water lines pressured, or even changing out the garbage disposal. Just remember, these guys do an amazing job of creating quality work, in a decent amount of time and with little room to spare for error. We all love Southern California but sometimes it’s just not the same without a nice toilet bowl. Broken sink fixtures, old run down houses by the beach, I mean, come on. You can do better than that.

And that’s why we’re so impressed with these guys. We don’t want to infringe on their work so we dropped you guys their page so you can check out their work for yourself (stealing pictures is not cool) and we gotta say, these plumbers are absolutely freakin’ awesome! And they are killing it.

I mean, realistically, anyone can come and clean a drain, that’s not really the difficult part. But when you can do complete bathroom remodels and basically recreate an entire household, from the plumbing, to the finely decorated installation pieces, fixtures from sinks, to bath tubs, showers, and toilets – that’s what gives your bathroom real sex appeal.

“Don’t mind me honey, I’ll be hanging out in the bathroom. Heck, I might even get a TV installed in here!” That’s what you should want to say when you go to the new favorite room in the house. And yes, that should make you Lol! But that’s the fun of it.

So now you guys know, when you need an awesome job done on your plumbing for your home bathroom remodel installations and what not, check out these amazing La Mesa plumbers See you guys and keep enjoying SmallTown.

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Small Towns My Ass, We Need Pistols October 28, 2014

Yeah, that’s right. The title about says it all. it’s ‘murica. We need pistols. That’s why we got ourselves the second amendment in the first place right?

That’s for darn sure right! We might seem like some small town pistol people. But that’s just the irony of it. We’re big time city people with guns. But we’re not out to harm anyone, it’s just our right. And we need some way to congregate. Some way to meet each other and know we’re out there so that when we grab our guns, we aren’t lost soldiers aimlessly riding cowboys off in the desert, no, we stay strong like an army! And together we stand and we rise and fall because this is America and we love our country!!

Small town big town, we’re all fans of pistols and hot rides. Let’s get together and shoot somethin’.


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